TUNNEL VISION Pre-Workout - 30 Servings

TUNNEL VISION Pre-Workout - 30 Servings - ISN Supplements

There’s this brief moment right before your pre-workout kicks in...

It happens while you’re waiting to “feel it.”

It’s the moment that you experience the perfect storm of energy, focus, and absolute clarity.

Your only concern is the workout that’s ahead of you. In your mind, you can fast forward to a bird’s eye view of the new personal record you’ll set today.

Not getting enough sleep, the long day at work, the bumper to bumper traffic between you and the gym - all of that is behind you...You just can’t wait to get started.

Then the pre-workout kicks in.

Suddenly, you feel a flood of energy. You can feel your fingertips starting to tingle, your body starting to itch, and your skin getting hot.

That moment is gone. You went from a highly trained assassin with laser sharp focus to a rabid animal that just needs to “move something.”

Some people enjoy the craze.

But for those of us that realize crafting an impressive physique requires concentration and deliberate movements - not just blind energy and ambition…

...for those of us that want to stay in and take advantage of that moment just before the pre-workout kicks in…

The solution is finally here.

At ISN, we worked hard to isolate that “moment” and replicate it.

We spent months pouring through research, testing and tweaking hundreds of ingredients until we got a mix that was just right.

When we finally got it, we knew we had successfully discovered and bottled the formula for TUNNEL VISION.

Introducing TUNNEL VISION, the pre-workout that is redefining focus and bringing pre-workouts back to the reason we started taking them:

Clean Energy
Intense Focus
Improved Physical Performance

Formulated with Effective Doses of Proven, Key Ingredients to Fuel Your Best Workouts

Caffeine - 250mg per serving

TUNNEL VISION contains a moderate amount of caffeine, about as much as much as a 12 oz (medium) coffee.

Beta-Alanine - 1g per serving

A powerful antioxidant and antiaging molecule shown to aid in lean mass gain and enhance muscular endurance.

In large doses, beta-alanine may cause a tingling feeling known as paresthesia. Though a harmless side effect, many of the athletes we reached out to found this sensation to be part of the “when the pre-workout kicks in” distraction.

TUNNEL VISION is dosed with 1g of beta-alanine to provide benefits of the molecule while eliminating the paresthesia side effect.

Creatine Monohydrate - 2g per serving

A molecule naturally found in some foods, creatine is a well researched supplement found to have performance enhancing and neuroprotective properties.

Conservatively dosed at 2g per serving, TUNNEL VISION provides the minimum clinically effective maintenance dose for creatinine.  We chose this amount to make TUNNEL VISION suitable as a standalone creatine supplement while giving users the option to supplement with additional sources of creatine.

L-Taurine - 1g

An organic acid naturally found in foods, shown to have a wide variety of health benefits such as increased blood flow and fat oxidation, while reducing muscle damage and soreness.


A unique blend of key ingredients designed to sensitize neurons and provide mental stimulation to increase cognition, focus and alertness.

†† These statement have not been evaluated by the FDA. Experiences will vary by user and all safety instructions should be followed when consuming this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. Results may vary.

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